This begins with careful analysis of the ground realities, and then moves on to technical nuances, as we will soon see. In the past, I used general-purpose mind mapping apps like XMind and MindNode. It is doable, but you’ll feel it every day that it’s built for a different purpose than designing website structure diagrams. And the best way to do this is by having a well-defined and solid site structure. Internal link structureMake sure that ALL pages of your website can be reached through internal links.

They create different categories that address each target persona’s main concerns. By doing it this way, Dropbox manages to speak to each prospect on a personal level, thereby increasing their conversions. The header navigation menu, or main navigation menu, is the familiar navigation tool most users expect to see once they land on your website. It usually grants access to the most popular content on your website, if not all of your content, and gives visitors a snapshot of what they can find on your website.

Nesting a page simply means placing it under another page or category. For example, if your SaaS website has a solutions page and one of the solutions you provide is sales enablement, you’d add the sales enablement page under the solutions page. Most SaaS brands don’t realize the value of a web page footer. Because of this, they don’t include it in their navigation optimization strategy. Website structure, A.K.A site architecture, refers to how content is organized on your website. This includes content hierarchy and how you categorize and group your content .

For them, this is a signal that users are not happy with the results and eventually this will lead to lower rankings. The only way to get sitelinks to appear with your listing is through a good site structure. Sitelinks are links shown below the description of your snippet in Google Search Results that point to other pages on your website. They are a great way to make your search listings more prominent and increase your CTR . No matter what symbols or characters are in your page’s title, never include them in your URLs.

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One of the ways to make your site structure stronger is to make good use of internal links. When creating your site structure, you should also think about your permalink structure. Your goal is to create SEO friendly urls that match your site structure. Also, don’t use images to create your navigation links but use text. This means that if you want to link to a category page from your homepage don’t just add an image and link to it but have a text link as well.

While you may want visitors to navigate your website in a particular sequence, your visitor can arrive through any ‘back door’ and land on any page in your site. A theme- and silo-structured content hierarchy makes it easier for users to find relevant content. There are versions of this system which are touted by hype-driven SEO sharks that work very poorly over the long term. Pages are static areas that are usually used for content that isn’t going to be updated often, like “About Us”, “Contact Us”, or even services.

Sure, you can always rearrange and reorganize your website, but too much change will impact your SEO efforts and confuse your audience. Thus, try to plan at least base blog categories and pages that can be split into additional sections as your website grows. A good site structure will allow visitors to easily navigate your website and quickly find the information they need. It will also give you a strong base to build off of — creating a sturdy foundation for your website to grow.

Survey Anyplace is a SaaS solution that enables brands to run surveys and conduct different assessments that help collect data vital to business growth. A brief look at the brand’s homepage helps you feel confident in continuing your journey with the product as everything is well placed. One thing they did exceptionally well with their website structure is to keep the primary navigation super simple. Kajabi is a SaaS brand that develops digital platforms for content creators and entrepreneurs to monetize their content.

In the past we used to create flat websites with lots of pages targeting specific keywords but that’s no longer the case today. Google has many times mentioned the need to have a breadcrumb menu on all your pages so that users can navigate the site easily. One of the reasons for creating categories is to build topic relevancy and help Google understand for which topics you want to build authority. Try to think what the best grouping from a user’s perspective is. Run some scenarios and try to replicate the steps taken by users to find a product or article on your website. If you can make this process easy enough for them, then it will be for search engines too.

Ideal Url Structure

Help them get oriented.When new visitors arrive on your website, they’re wondering, “Where am I? So you should help them get oriented right away and show them how to navigate your website. An online shoe store might sell different kinds of shoes like running shoes, pumps, and sandals, for both men and women.

website structure

You must first understand their typical needs and problems, and then have options available that solve them. All of this data plays a role when it comes to converting a casual browser into a paying customer. When it comes to effective SEO, keywords take center stage – but other aspects about them also matter.

How To Change The Site Structure Of An Existing Website

The Solutions option has a sub-menu that leads to all the products DivvyHQ offers and is the only one with such a structure. Of particular note in the primary navigation is the “Why DivvyHQ? This is a fantastic way to lead visitors down the funnel, as they’ll be led to a page that shows users who need the solution and why. When nesting your pages, try to keep each page at a maximum of three levels away from the root .

Below, we explore how you can utilize this area for organizing main pages/ blog categories, child pages/ blog subcategories, and tertiary pages/ blog subcategories. In relation, a good site structure helps search engines, like Google and DuckDuckGo, crawl and understand the purpose of your website — which will help your search engine ranking. This is different than the XML Sitemap you need to create and submit to search engines.

The design of your WordPress website intrigues visitors, but your content is why they will stay and return. However, if your website is hard to navigate, they will never return, no matter how beautiful your website is designed. For example, if you post a lot of content around crafting but your visitors cannot filter through specific DIY projects, they will not return and you will lose traffic. A good site structure is nowadays more important than ever.

website structure

However, if there are a lot of services, some like to create and tuck child pages under a parent main menu item. For example, services could be the parent main menu item with landscaping, pool maintenance, and leaf collection child pages underneath the services parent menu item. The footer navigation is the menu at the bottom of your website. For most websites, it’s simply a repeat of the items in the header navigation at the top. But some use it to display less popular content like terms and conditions, shipping policy, and GPDR privacy information. If you want to keep your header navigation simple and/or only display relevant content at the top, the footer navigation is a great area to place your more legalese information.

Make Use Of Breadcrumb Menus

It’s friendlier to users and search engines to keep your urls short and precise. Google can understand the category of the article from your sitemap and breadcrumb menu and. When creating your URLs, it’s best to include your focus keyword. One reason for this is that it helps users and search bots tell that your content will meet their search intent. From an SEO point of view, search intent is also a factor that search engines use to rank content. One noticeable element of Dropbox’s primary navigation is the “Why Dropbox?

website structure

You’ll find the “niche within the niche”, on a keyword level. If your initial analysis correctly identifies mission critical keywords for your business, then the sum of generic and long tail keywords related to them can be a real goldmine. Depending upon the answer, each page should have strong call to action.

Planning WordPress Site Structure

See how I have organized by SEO Articles category page where the most valuable posts are displayed on top of the page. Avoid using Javascript or Ajax when creating your navigation. The best approach to make the life of search crawlers easier to use plain HTML tags combined with CSS for formatting. If you already have a website that it’s indexed by Google and has some rankings, then don’t start changing website structure you site structure as this may have a negative impact on your rankings. The site structure of an ecommerce website can be a bit more complicated than other types of websites especially when it offers a number of different products. Ideal Site Structure for a Small Business WebsiteNotice that you have a main category for departments and a main category for the blog with several sub-categories.

The Ideal Website Navigation Structure For Saas

One thing you must remember about your website is that it’s a living document. That’s why I want to share some of the most effective SaaS website best practices proven to boost conversions. We share your personal information only when you give us explicit permission to do so, and confirm we have your permission each time. Search engines are responsible for the lion’s share of your website traffic.

In your website’s footer you can include an HTML sitemap that shows the website hierarchy to users. Having internal links to the rest of your pages makes their job easier. The primary navigation shows users the most important elements they need to navigate the site. Of particular note are the “Features” and “Use Cases” menu items. Most buyers looking for the solutions Survey Anyplace offers will immediately be drawn to these as they are gateways to the information most prospects look for.

Craft A Compelling User Experience

His clients include multinational Fortune 500 corporations and major Norwegian companies. Trond has helped grow businesses through more effective search marketing and SEO strategies. He is most passionate about working with e-commerce companies and web shops to develop and expand their omni-channel marketing initiatives.

Footer Navigation

Here are a few considerations for mastering your WordPress site structure and promoting audience retention. I recommend the plan I use – Pro, priced at $84 per year – which contains all features suitable for an SEO freelancer or UX specialist. I’m missing some way of indicating internal relations between pages . And Sitemap.xml import is often messy, so I usually end up doing a manual setup anyway. Set of elements you can use to plan your pagesThis is extremely helpful in the early stages when you need to get client’s buy-in.

Your website is not just meant to be aesthetically pleasing. Your design must also be functional and offer users a positive experience. If you can put these three elements together, your website will succeed in being one of your most effective customer acquisition tools in your sales and marketing toolbox.

Don’t confuse the logical structure of a website with the URLS of the category pages and the actual URLS of single pages. As a result, the category page is ranking for a number of terms including SEO Articles and Latest SEO articles. Your hierarchy should be no more than 2 or 3 levels deep – Don’t overcomplicate your site hierarchy but keep it simple.